Immediate impacts of the project will be attitudinal changes and knowledge transfer. Longer term, our biotechnological solution will enable industrial implementation of green technologies.

Industry - we will identify a problem of immediate commercial relevance within Vietnam aiming to make it economically viable within 5 years via application of further intersectoral collaborations between the partners and industry.

Farmers - effective dissemination of our resources will lead to attitudinal changes and increased desire for alternatives to burning rice straw during the project increasing health and economic benefits.

Public - increase scientific awareness in school-age children and inspire a future generation of environmentally aware consumers.

ECRs - train the next generation of scientists. ECRs well versed in multidisciplinary science and aware of the importance of impactful research and dissemination.

International research community - the resources demonstrating techniques and methodologies will be made freely available immediately following the project on this website.