School Outreach Project

4 April 2022

As part of the Biotechnological Knowledge Transfer (BioKnoT) project, we, scientists from Aston University (Birmingham, UK), Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) and the University of Da Nang (Da Nang, Vietnam), are working together on sharing resources and knowledge in a pandemic-affected world. We have designed an outreach project for primary schools to raise awareness on climate change and how we can help as both individuals and scientists. This science dissemination project is aimed at 8 to 10 years old children.

This interactive project will explain climate change by watching a video (resource 1). We are also suggesting 10 easy solutions for children to help defeat the climate crisis from home (resource 2). Additionally, we are explaining how scientists can help our planet by utilizing yeast (resource 3) for the production of biofuels as a replacement for fossil fuels (resource 4). To have a closer look at what is done in the laboratory, we recommend reading the story of the beastly yeast and how it can defeat Mr. Climate Change with your children. The children’s book “Mr. Climate Change and the Beastly Yeast” was written by scientists and can be found under resource 5. To engage further with your children, let them become scientists themselves! We provide experiment kits to realise a simple, step-by-step guided experiment with vinegar and baking powder which shows the principle on how yeast works (resource 6).

All the resources can be found below.


Resource 1: Climate change (according to a kid) video (up to 1:30 min) by Rappler: 

Climate change

Resource 2: 10 solutions

10 Solutions

Resource 3: Yeast


Resource 4: Fossil fuels vs biofuels

Fossil fuels

Picture references:

Resource 5: Children’s book written and illustrated by scientists: Mr climate change and the beastly yeast. The PDF can be downloaded on this website:

Resource 6: step by step experiment “The self-inflating balloon”. See protocol sheet: